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Since its foundation in 2002, amboss Musikverlag has developed into a renowned specialist publisher for film, television and media music. We administer the catalogs and projects of leading producers and artists, finance interesting film music and maximize the returns from worldwide exploitation.

Music Publisher

All publishing work (copyright management, license collection, controlling of GEMA royalties, complaints management) is individually developed for film/TV producers, publishers and artists and is accompanied on a long-term basis. We are networked worldwide with renowned publishing houses. We represent international copyrights and monetize new film music.


We publish soundtracks here, which are developed and sold by us in close cooperation with our authors and producers. The origin of the music is quite indifferent: it can be a commercial song, a classical score music or a pop song – the main thing is that it touches us and the target groups.

Music Supervising

As experts in music, we know how important comprehensive advice is. Our focus is on music and marketing concepts for cinema and TV feature films and series, soundtracks, advertising and image films, acoustic brand development and campaigns. Our business includes rights clearing, licensing, copyright management, music and author research and consulting in all questions concerning music and its content and economic use.


The services are precisely tailored to the daily needs of film/music and media producers. From music consulting and rights acquisition to music production and financing, the services are holistic and networked (“360grad” and “24/7”).

Our philosophy

The hammer, anvil and stirrup transmit the vibrations of the eardrum to the inner ear one after the other. Anatomically, the anvil is thus the most powerful connecting element for acoustic information. However, the anvil is not only an important connecting element for acoustic information of any kind, it is also a symbol for the creative forces of nature and the creation of the universe. Legend has it that Pythagoras came to his doctrine of the harmony of the spheres when he heard the impact of hammers of different weights on their anvils in a forge, the groundbreaking realization that tonal values can be expressed in quantitative relationships, i.e. in numerical values and geometric numbers. For Richard Wagner the anvil was his favorite instrument. We think that this anvil symbolism describes our mission well. Because that is exactly what we do: Mediate and amplify!

Our specialty is the interface between music and film. Our passion and dedication are equally devoted to music and film. With amboss Film+Music we have created an internationally networked platform based in Hamburg, where we combine our diverse tasks under one roof. We support music products and projects nationwide, as full-service or modular-individual. We accompany all creative and economic processes with the know-how of 25 years of experience. Since 2002, we have been operating in these markets with a sense of vision, an understanding of the target group and a proactive implementation mentality. We have developed a deep understanding of global marketing structures and successful communication for our markets.

We know the challenges of the markets and have access to the large networks of the creative industry through our memberships in GEMA, GVL, IHM and VUT and our connections to the major publishers and labels. We are financially and legally independent and, as a family-run company, “strictly independent”.


amboss Film+Musik

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